Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lennon Vs Anonymous

Pondering on what John Lennon said about life and what an anonymous person said on the same recurring theme, that almost everyone can't help wondering about.

So Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans", and anonymous said, "Life is not waiting for things to happen".  The riddle becomes enigmatic with these two statements in disagreement with each other. It's paradoxical. Yet it holds water.

Lennon seems to be more submissive, in the fact that life seems to be out of control and can contradict what one is trying to do or working towards.

Anonymous, on the other hand, is in-charge. You pave way. You bulldoze to where you want to go or be. Life is your action towards fulfilling your goals and aspirations.

Often the situation, in life, is such that you have to stop and think either the Lennon way or the Anonymous way.  Being caught in both situations, at different points in life is something everyone can associate with.

Like this one time, not long ago, I had plans to climb; visit the highlands and communities, to soak in the grandeur of the mountains. And yet another plan to go out of the capital city into the districts, with a friend, to comb the communities for stories that we could write about.

But here I am reflecting, finding it ridiculous at times, that Life happened. The tiny life that has bound me to safe drives, limited chores, back-aches and a general feeling felt by a ... happy-sad kind of person (if there is such a thing as happy-sad person), who tear up for no reason.

Yet, this is also a time where I am in control of Life. I know what I want and where I want to be in the coming years and accordingly I tread. The steps are weighed and controlled. I didn't and am not waiting for it to happen.

The fragments that make up life, well, not all can be controlled. There are those which are resigned to fate. It's a lesson worth learning, which can bring comfort and some light to this endless pandemonium - within the head or voiced out.

I am sure Lennon had his share of taking charge of Life and Anonymous had his or her share of Life taking charge. And I am sure there are others whose take on Life is different from what you and I have heard or known.