Monday, April 09, 2012

Small things in life

So there I was, yesterday, driving up to Buddha Point to collect top soil for my flower pots, so I could plant the begonia bulbs which has been lying around in my car for over two weeks. I've been thinking  to plant it on a weekend- but what do you know, weekends are one of the busiest days.
So yesterday, I promised myself that I'd plant it, and for my own sake, for when it blooms I light up like a candle. Not sure, though, that I light up the place where I am at, at that moment.  
Chrismas cactus blooming last year
Small pretty flowers opening up and swallowing all the darkness. I've planted it - 6 bulbs- and watered it too. Can't wait for it to come out of the soil and begin blooming. Right now I am content with Christmas cactus (blooming late since Christmas is long gone). The orange buds have been here for over a week or two. I am waiting, patiently, for it to open up.
These are little things in life that matters.  Hopefully, amid the chaos, I'll remember to do a little thing or two, for others as well as for myself, each day.