Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Fine Morning

Since it asked politely, "PLEASE WAIT" I had to hit the brakes and walk. But I feel it should have gone the other way, around the sewer cover,  the way I usually drive my car through. Like all the people who live there do. 

It's come to a situation where instead of collectively removing the water, or  mending the damaged water pipes people would rather go around the sewer cover. The truck driver, no doubt, was new in the area or thought the wheels were too big enough to drown in the mud. 

The contractors don't bother. Once I had the back wheel of my car in a manhole. It was uncovered and unmarked. No signs of warning were put up. 

Today morning I read in the newspaper that such unprotected ditch helped police catch a burglar. But my granny loves to visit my uncle close by and I am worried for her.  She is in her 80s and no burglar. What if something happens to her?

The contractor's employees, who are in the office and out on duty, were confronted numerous times, but it's like walking into a brick wall.  

They'll let their huge trucks carrying huge iron rods and other materials roll in and create craters but they'll never cover up the holes they've created.  

They'll dig up and pour water and create mud slush right in front of your door but won't be kind enough to put a plank over it so people can walk home.  

Workers will throw CGI sheets from top of buildings which are in the process of being constructed,  and you've to shout not to do so because you're down there, maybe looking like ants. 

During lunch while making way through the dusty, muddy road, you'll reach a dead end. No signs again. 

They'll block a road and say they are building something there and for the next couple of days, sometimes even weeks, no construction work will be done. No workers will be seen. 

... and on and on and on. 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Swift as thought
sharper than knife
are words
Words that break and make
words that tend
a wounded soul
Or rip apart
what was whole
Expression and thoughts
given meanings
are words