Thursday, February 26, 2004


Subtle hints
wavering consciousness
unable to digest
the worm inside
you rush outside
and meet
indignant disgusted eyes.
Subtle thoughts
hammer incessantly
rush out once again
eyes shut tight
and stumble through the
glaring corridor of eyes
meet the lips
and your world shudders
hold on for a second longer
trying to protest
to your own gullibility.
Macho me, feminine me
optimist me, pessimist me
pretentious me
fight all day long
I am superman
but never god
cast a spell
the whole world at my feet
I am a medley of life's songs
orchestrated and choreographed
by my Karma.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I’ve traveled this road quite often
seen myself make a mess out of it.
it cant be undone -
and i simply wish i could
undo it like a sweater
and roll the roads into a ball
carry it with me
lay it down
walk on it
as an when I like .
Then my world would be simpler.
Then I would understand
why I am walking the same road again.
I will walk it when I have to,
I won’t have to stumble
each time I walk the road
‘cus then I'll know why I need to walk.


I take a stand
refuse to listen,
thousands of souls inside me
each wanting to be seen
each trying to claim supremacy over the other.
I take a stand.
Remove myself from me
and look at all the souls.
I refuse to listen
a dumb show,
A great mime.

Friday, February 13, 2004


beautiful world!

Invisible to the eyes,
like dust that tickles your throat and nose
predators live within everyone.
one stepping over the other
another topples, gets up and resumes.
blood thirsty, fanged beast.
human beings, animals, insects
all over the place
a beautiful sight
a beautiful world.
superiority complex, inferiority complex,
both struggling to get to the top.
shrewd, cruel, sly and slimy
crawl and creep
walk and fly
fast and slow
all moving towards the invisible mount.
the sun burns the scaly skin,
the scales vaporises and everyone
breathes deeply.
the sky painted fiery red.
the rivers drags
the flowers bloom deep red
anger, passion, hatred .
a wonderful sight
behold ... a beautiful world.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

My life has come to a stand still. I find myself in the same position everyday and fail to grow. I fail to take a step forward.