Sunday, September 04, 2011


mother & son

mama it's your lil' son 
I've grown up
I am sure you'll be pleased to see me 
healthy and strong 

mama I'm sad 
you're not keeping your words 
It's been years and you're still not home
I miss you more each day

mama I cried, 
cried several times
I was at cousin's home and it was fun 
but when dusk came and artificial lights lit up rooms 
I cried 

mama I hid underneath a bed
and cried my heart blue 
they found me soon enough
and looked at me with pity
oh mama! how I cried 

mama I hear your voice over the phone 
but that's not enough 
and I can't speak 
mama, I wish you could hear my heart 
each beat waits for your return 

mama I miss the way you smell
I can't recall 
the last fragrance from your shirts 
faded as the machine beat it into pulp 
and what remained vaporised in the sun

mama come home
 have me in your arms 
and I'll forget all that you missed
 my PTA 
the concert where I danced like a star
and more

mama I'm hurt 
you're not listening
I'm entering a dark alley,
inside a bar no one seems to bother
 for I look old enough
a man at the counter hands me a shot 
I gulp it down 
the acidity burns my throat 
but cocoons my heart 
its no longer blue 
and it no longer beats for you