Thursday, April 06, 2006


It’s a Monday night 
I call her up
It’s me Kinley,
I am waiting outside.”
She opens the door 
And the warmth 
Oozes out. 
I walk in 
Put down my bag 
And put on a tired look
She asks,
“How are you feeling,
how’s the cold?”
much better-
I answer
Guilt creeping in.
I had gone out 
With office friends 
For a drink or two
And my head is swimming
(even now)
“There is food in the kitchen,
I prepared your favourite”
Its ok- I say 
“I have already eaten” 
I don’t thank her
I never have. 
She goes back to watching TV
She watches the Hindi soaps
It’s always been her favourite
She knows Hindi more than English
Maybe-that’s why the connection. 
She pronounces silk…
It is cute. 
Sometimes I shout at her
She does too
Not because 
We take each other for granted
But because we love each other. 
I remember my life so far
And I remember her
Always there
In words and in deeds
Advising, supporting and protecting 
But never doubting 
Me for anything, 
Nor my capabilities
I see her 
And I smile 
The journey she has made
The hurdles she had overcome
I smile again 
And weep at the same time
I am overcome with emotions
She is my mother 
And far more than god
She loves me 
Never denies me
She supports me 
Never forgets me
She will eat 
But never be full 
Before she feeds me
She will sleep 
But never rest 
Before I go to sleep
She will hit me 
But feel the pain
And when I am lonely 
And far away from home
She will fill my thoughts 
And rescue me from misery
She will be my prayer 
That I will chant 
Till I fall asleep
Safe in her bosom 
And I will find home