Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank you for the music

Being born in October I am an autumn child and perhaps for that bond I find inspiration in melancholy.
I can delve in my thoughts until it stirs and draws out sadness from every bit of feeling, even happiness.
Yet there is a music in me, one that stirs from happiness in a happy sort of way.
It's like the time I am so caught up in something that I don't have time for melancholy to sit on my lap for me to nurse it.
This is spring, and exactly like the season itself.
It is so much about hope and things coming alive. It's nature coming alive and even though I may look worn out and sapped from the outside, I feel like I am blooming within.
 If only if I could renew like the peach trees and the gardens, then I'd bloom from the outside too. Spring is the beauty one feels inside.
It is the uplifting music. It is the answer. There is no end to life. It is the music that musicians leave behind to be heard again and again and again, to be re-generated and revived. So thank you for the flowers, the reawakening, inspiration, for the music I feel inside and for the music that you are.

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