Thursday, February 17, 2011

Civic sense? What sense? No(n)sense?

I have nothing against smokers except when they light up and puff away near a kid or an infant and when they fling the stubs away, anywhere they please.

This is a photograph of a drain outside my office. I loved how the raindrops were creating ripples but look at the number of cigarette butts in there. Spoils everything. The funny thing is that a waste bin is placed very close to the drain, but smoker's would rather drop it in the drain.

Just the other day I was coming out and I got a whiff of an unpleasant smell. Thought it was a wet dog but found out it was the drain.

Once someone stubbed cigarette butts in my mug. I was infuriated. Nobody owned up, but that was the first and last.  The most ironic part is that the drain is outside the newsroom and my mug inside the newsroom. So where do we start lessons in civic sense? 

PS: Neither am I not pointing fingers nor claiming to be someone who abhors smokers or the smoke. Just wondering why some can't look beyond their own selfish means.

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Sogyel Tobgyel said...

Thats bad,,first ppl are banned from smoking and next..we hv to make them learn some manners...:)