Friday, October 21, 2005


The heater's on. The pale white washed room is lit up. Outside, the light drizzle that's been falling has stopped. I can see the dark mountain outlined against the pale gray sky, the vehicles at the parking lot and a few people moving in and out from one section of the office to the other. I am sitting inside my cubicle and wondering... why do i feel trapped? I ponder. I would rather be on the road, in a car watching the rain cleanse the earth and all that it hold.

... in a car winding up and down the road in the valley, past villages and towns, through the huge forests that loom over the top and give you a feeling that the trees are closing in around you. I would love to be on the moutain tops ... watching the moutain ranges on the otherside...feel and see it all.

A short ride to an office near the dzong stirred this feeling in me. I want to be on the move, see faces, places, see everything and in the process learn, absorb and understand all there is to know.

The leaves on the willow trees hung lower than usual from the weight of the waterdroplets but the beauty of the tree was exposed because the rain had washed away the dirt. The flowers too.

Ah... and I love the smell of the earth after rain.

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