Wednesday, August 24, 2005


emotions, the ups and downs of life, the different seasons, the faces that we see - all share a common thing - colours. Happiness is bright- yellow, red, orange, pink, blue and ... daubed on a canvas. Anger is fiery and red. Hatred is dark and black. occasionaly i find myself associating my emotions with colours. I remember the time i was at vineyard in chennai, listening to a local band performing alanis morissette on stage. was a little high and although the stage was colorful images painted on the wall, i could see everything in black and grey. i loved these dull shades that i saw. i hated colours that were bright and pleasant. the song and the kick... brought about a momentary change ... and i ... did revel in it. when i am lonely or lost, and am trying to understand things, myself and or people and situations around me, it is not darkness that i see but a blinding whiteness where i cant even see myself. white at other times would be in my mind if i think of purity, peace, doves and clouds. Black, when i am not high or blah, blah, blah is something that comes to my mind when i see or feel or do something evil. there are times i feel a hollow blackness inside me which makes my skin crawl cus i feel it within me. its creepy. Red has depth. it is anger, passion and hatred. it is like screaming from within or a lion's roar echoing in the wild. it is power. blue is calm, peace, depth ( as in the sky and the sea), rich and beauty. pink is innocent, blushing cheeks, children and pretty women. Yellow is the face of the almighty. yellow is gold. purple is sick. i have all these colours within me. right now i am calm and peaceful and i can explore the depth within me. i am blue.

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