Friday, February 13, 2004


beautiful world!

Invisible to the eyes,
like dust that tickles your throat and nose
predators live within everyone.
one stepping over the other
another topples, gets up and resumes.
blood thirsty, fanged beast.
human beings, animals, insects
all over the place
a beautiful sight
a beautiful world.
superiority complex, inferiority complex,
both struggling to get to the top.
shrewd, cruel, sly and slimy
crawl and creep
walk and fly
fast and slow
all moving towards the invisible mount.
the sun burns the scaly skin,
the scales vaporises and everyone
breathes deeply.
the sky painted fiery red.
the rivers drags
the flowers bloom deep red
anger, passion, hatred .
a wonderful sight
behold ... a beautiful world.

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