Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Walk down the streets, enter into a store, call out for an auto, whatever you do, its hundred percent sure that you will be looked at or received differently. The newness of the surrounding is not all that makes you alienated, the way people meet out to you adds to it. The colour of your skin and the way your eyes or your face looks, and of which you were unconscious or unaware of before is suddenly startlingly pronounced against others. The rickshaw drivers find a prey in us and the rate they charge us never goes down below ten rupees more than the rate we are willing to pay. Giving in seems the only rational way to reaching home than to argue in bits and pieces of Tamil and English. The garish calls of the salesmen wanting to get you to look at their merchandise follows you around as you walk down a street. Their over enthusiastic help- almost bringing down the whole shop make you cringe back and forget the shopping, which was supposed to be relaxing, peaceful and a day out on your own. Five out of ten people will give a rather fast second glance as you pass by and you have to try hard not to stumble and fall. But, having a different face has its own advantages too. People look at you curiously and often are subjected to being cheated and misguided but instances like traveling alone in a bus or in a train, you will find that people are willing to help you out, if you ask for help.

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